Welcome to Dr. Coldwell Opinion TV. This is your source for the truth you won’t find in the mainstream media. More from Dr. C can also be found on his main site DrLeonardColdwell.com as well as on his new Facebook Page The Only Answer to Cancer.
*All medical questions can be emailed to ibmsinternational@startmail.com.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish I could have just 10 minutes to speak with the Docter. It would save my life. My computer (iPad) is not working well ? My unlisted phone is 937-549-4541. Pleasehelp me live!


  2. Where did Dr. Leonard Caldwell practice in his earlier years of medicine? Does he have a phone number that she can be reached? How could anyone man heal 35,000 people? If he is so successful in Sheridan cancer then why does he continue to do that, he will be more famous than anyone on earth.?
    What university did Dr. Caldwell go to to get his doctor license?


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